Grief Support Resources, From Folsom, CA's Funeral Services Professionals

At All Faith Cremation, we know that the grieving process isoften very difficult and different for everyone. We’ve also included a numberof helpful grief support resources below that families and grieving individualscan use to help them with the difficult grieving process. To speak with ourstaff and learn more, contact our Folsom and Sacramento, CA offices at (916) 351-8192. 

A Community of Grief Support

While we may feel alone in our grieving, the truth is thatthere are many people across the world that have had or are having similarexperiences. There are also many organizations that have been created to helppeople who are grieving, and bring together those who may feel alone duringtheir difficult time. We’ve provided a list of helpful resources with linksbelow to help you or loved ones with your grieving.

AARP Grief andLoss: AARP’s Grief and Loss page on its website provides a wealth ofgrief-related information and articles. 

GriefNet: For those who may need toreach out to others for help with grieving, GriefNet provides over 50 internetsupport groups, as well as a companion site,, where children andtheir parents can address grief in safe and appropriate environment.

Growth House: Growth House addressesdeath, grieving, and terminal issues through detailed and insightful hypertexttopic pages and guides. An award-winning website, it provides a wealth ofresources for those in the grieving process.

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization:With resources for both individuals struggling with a life-limiting conditionand their caregivers, The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization’swebsite has a wealth of information and helpful literature for those dealing withgrief.

Web Healing: is the internet’sfirst interactive website specifically developed for those dealing with grief. Itoffers discussion boards and comprehensive advice for men and women working throughevery aspect of grief. Tom Golden LCSW, the site’s founder, continuallyprovides book excerpts, contact information, and other resources to help thosedealing with loss.

Willowgreen: Willowgreen is an excellentresource for those dealing with many of life’s difficulties, including agingand loss. With a host of inspirational literature and other material, much ofits content is intended specially for those going through the grieving process.

Grief Support at All Faith Cremation

With over 20 years providing assistance to families acrossCentral California, our team at All Faith Cremation offers a wide range ofgrief support resources to help those dealing with the loss of a loved one. Ourexperienced and caring staff would be happy to speak with you. Contact us at(916) 351-8192 to learn more.

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