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Our society has shifted towards the acceptance of cremation and the number of people being cremated increases yearly.  Cremation is nothing new to us as we have owned and operated our own crematories since 1984.  Our family has performed thousands of cremations on behalf of Sacramento families. We are dedicated to providing dignified cremation services at an affordable price.  

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In 2017, we opened All Faith Crematory. This is a state-of-the-art facility equipped for environmentally responsible cremations and oversized cases. Unlike many other local crematories, All Faith Crematory is dedicated to serving All Faith Cremation families.  From the moment that your loved one comes into our care, they will remain in our care at our crematory. Owning our own crematory allows us to expedite the cremation process for families needing cremated remains as soon as possible. We have a stringent identification process that assigns your loved one a unique barcode and cremation number. Our families can rest assured that we are accountable and transparent regarding every aspect of our cremation services. 

I.D. Viewing

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Another feature available to families at our crematory location is our family viewing room. This private room allows for an intimate gathering of up to 6 people for 30 minutes to say final goodbyes.  We will take the time and care needed to ensure that your loved one is presentable for this viewing.  Our staff can guide your family towards the best possible viewing options based on the unique circumstances of your situation.    

Witness Cremation

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The family viewing room is also equipped with a viewing window that looks out into the main crematory where the cremation will take place.  Should you choose, this window can allow your family to witness the cremation directly following the 30 minute viewing.  If you choose to witness the cremation, you will be able to observe the start of the cremation and receive the cremated remains the following morning.

Scattering at Sea

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Cremated remains can be taken to a residence, cemetery or religious columbarium. Families can also scatter cremated remains over land or at sea with certain restrictions.  All Faith Cremation offers sea scattering for families not wishing to perform their own scattering.  Sea scattering is performed twice a year off the coast of Bodega Bay from a chartered boat. Our staff performs the scattering and the boat captain signs a certificate documenting when the scattering took place.  Regardless of your choice, our staff will work with your family to determine the right resting place for your loved one.

Questions you Should Ask & Things to Consider...

1.       Does your company own your own crematory?

2.       Can I visit the crematory?

3.       Where will my loved one be until they are cremated?  

4.       How long will the entire process take?

       How long will it take to get certified copies of the death certificate?

What is the exact cost of ALL services and merchandise including state and local fees?


1.       If a company is unwilling to give you an exact cost until you come to their facility.

2.       If the person representing the company is unable to answer your questions and address your concerns.

3.       If it is unclear where your loved one will be until the cremation is performed.

4.       If it is unclear where your loved one will be cremated.

5.       If the cremation is estimated to take more than one week without a logical explanation for the delay.

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